Escorts in SUNRISE GUEST HOUSE Karachi

Escorts in Sun Rise Guest House – Karachi

When it comes to the hospitality industry, no other hotel accommodation is more popular or renowned than the SunRise Guest House. The guest house has been serving customers from different parts of the country for the past eight decades and is considered to be one of the finest five star hotels in the region. Guests who come to this hotel have wonderful time with the friendly staff and the comfortable environment. It is one of the oldest hotels in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi and as such enjoys a great number of loyal customers. The lovely landscaped garden, the fantastic pool area, and the indoor and outdoor restaurant that serves fabulous food are only some of the many reasons why people choose this lovely guest house over others.

This guest house provides a lot of convenience to its guests. Not only does it offer them the traditional Pakistani meals but it also provides them a host of facilities including On-Airport parking, complimentary Wi-Fi connection, free calls, room service, car rental, valet parking, airport shuttle and much more. These services make every guest feel special.

If you are a newlywed, you can make your wedding arrangements at the SunRise Guest House. The house provides you with experienced and licensed wedding planners who will manage everything for you from the reception to the ceremony and the post wedding entertainment. In addition to weddings, the hotel also offers wedding packages to suite your needs. You will find that the hotel arranges for all arrangements for parties, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries.

The hotel has a number of facilities and amenities for kids which will delight your little guests. There is a children’s wing which has interactive games, a swimming pool, and a play area. There is a spa where you can treat your little ones with special treatments and skin care products. There is also a beauty salon on the premises which caters to clients’ needs. For corporate events, the hotel has room service where you can entertain your guests during conferences.

If you are planning a business trip to Karachi, then the SunRise Guest House is the perfect choice. It has modern conference facilities that are suitable for your business associates and clients. It offers the latest in communication technology to make your meetings a success. Due to these advanced services, you can save money. The hotel offers competitive rates and rooms that have a maximum occupancy rate of 90%.

The guest house is located at a very convenient location which makes it easy for you to reach the city centre or the capital city easily. You will not be too far away from the airport and other important places in the city. You can get to know about the different areas in the city where escorts are available very quickly. In addition, it gives you easy access to the shopping malls, cinema theatres, markets and other entertainment centres in the city.

This hotel also offers you an in-house restaurant where you can relax and enjoy a delicious dinner with your friends and family. You will also be able to request for special services such as spa treatments, acupuncture and beauty care which are only available during your stay. Due to these various services, you can rest assured that you will have a wonderful and memorable stay with your friends and family.

The hotel staff offers services and discounts to their customers before they arrive at the hotel. They also take care of the luggage and packages of their guests while they are in the house. Other than this, the house is secure and safe and there are no incidents of crime committed in the premises of the house. The property is fully furnished and is ready for your stay. You can count on the hotel for all your needs and requirements.