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Escorts in Belmondos

Escorts in Belmonds: A belated addition to my previous ‘Guests at Our House’ article, this second installment of a series on escort services in Karachi includes an informative survey on ‘escorts from Pakistan’ and the points to be considered before choosing a reliable one. It is always better to know what you are getting into before getting yourself loaded down with responsibilities and obligations. I am grateful to Abida Islam for preparing this second instalment of our “Guests in Karachi” series. I hope you find it as informative as the first.

‘Escorts in Karachi’ refers to those professional men who escort brides from the house of their groom to the venue of the wedding. A group of men would typically comprise of a driver (her driver, in some cases), a bodyguard and a cook. They would also accompany the bride throughout the pre-wedding rush, and take care of her every need, right from picking her up at the airport, to picking her up at the hotel. They would usually arrive at the venue just in time to see her tying the knot.

When I was living in Belmondo, my family used to schedule a pick up from our local supermarket every week. The bride’s family would call me to pick her up and take her to the house of her groom. There would be a taxi stand right outside the entrance to the groom’s compound. When I stepped out of the taxi, there would already be a group of guys waiting for me. I always felt a little nervous about going in alone, but these guys were professionals, and knew exactly where to go.

Once inside the gates, the driver would gently escort the bride to the waiting arms of her family. I would follow, taking careful notice of her every movement. I couldn’t help staring at her beautiful face as she waited for her turn to meet her new husband. Escorts in Belmondos are trained to be discreet and charming, always making sure that their clients get the time of their lives.

I especially enjoyed meeting the escorts who worked at the estate. At first glance, they all looked the same. After spending some time together, however, you could see that each of them was different. One of them was wearing a stunning pink dress, while another was in a blue and white t-shirt.

I’m still not exactly sure what it was about these girls that made me fall in love with them. The one in the pink dress did something that no other girl did to me. She climbed into my car while the chauffeur was holding the doors open for me. She climbed in beside me without asking, and we were just standing there talking when the chauffeur suddenly jumped out of the car, pushed me against the car and started kissing me. It was totally unexpected. I was so surprised that I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but I certainly appreciated the gesture the next day.

I spent several lovely days with the escorts in Belmondos. They took great care of me, feeding and grooming me, giving me their undivided attention. Even though I dined out a couple of times with the rich and famous in town, I still felt like a little kid in their company. Escorts in Belmondos understand that their customers are simple people. They are accustomed to helping people whenever they can.

When I told my friends and family about what had happened, they were absolutely amazed. They had never seen an escort before who knew how to make someone feel like a million dollars. In fact, I have two escorts who work for me, and their skills have actually saved my life more than once! So if you ever need an Escorts in Belmondos, I would highly recommend them, as they are definitely worth hiring!